Take your place in the world The world economy is constantly changing and uncertain. It isn’t enough to concentrate on a single market – breaking free of limited, fragile growth depends on local businesses evolving beyond seas and borders. For small and medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs, this can feel risky at best. At worst, it can seem impossible.  The Growth Specialist Limited is an export consultancy firm with big power. We can give you what you need – not just good advice, but strategic action to carry your business into a thriving, profitable future exporting across international markets.  

Your Way to Success 
We work with clients based in The West Midlands including Birmingham and Wolverhampton, to span Europe, Africa, the US, and Asia, whether you’re new to export or already trying and struggling to make it work. By helping you to develop the right export strategies and business tools, we’ll powerfully cut through what gets in the way of success. 
With our help, you will: 
Develop a strategic approach to international commerce: identify which markets could work for you and why 
Minimise risk by nurturing the right partnerships and evaluating overseas proposals 
Stay ahead of your competitors with export strategies based on expert international knowledge 
Identify and explore new business opportunities 
Positively manage the impact of export on your business 
Understand the wider export environment, global influences and distribution channels 
Plan ahead and navigate the challenges posed by local competition, currency, cultural difference and export / import barriers 
We know it’s hard to compete with the big players and this is where we step in Our budget-friendly services are designed to help you overcome the challenges small businesses face. 
Take the first step and we’ll lead your business forward. 
We can help 
Our free 30 minute consultation comes with no obligation, giving you the opportunity to sit down with us and talk us through your business . 
During the consultation, we will make an assessment suggesting the best Growth Strategy and steps to achieve the ideal result for you. 
Please fill in the form and we’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible to confirm your free consultation date.